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Booray Perry
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The biggest hurdle that a new photographer faces is learning to work on location. Being thrown into a place you've never been before and having minutes to figure out where to place your subject, how to configure your camera and where to place your light can throw even a seasoned veteran into a panic attack. Weddings, Senior Portraits, Family Portraits, Volume Sports, and just good old-fashioned vacation pictures can all be a nightmare if you don't know what gear to use and how to use it to get the results you want.

In this video, Master Photographer Booray Perry will walk you through his process step-by-step from gear selection to shooting and show you how he sets up and shoots on location with just one light to get incredible professional images. You'll learn:

Gear selection

Location selection

Light placement

The best aperture values

How to use shutter speed to change your image

Tips for getting results fast

How to work in bright sun

Settings review

Hi-Speed Sync

A deeper understanding of how flashes work with your camera

  • 24/7 streaming access. 2 videos/55 minutes

  • 24/7 streaming access. 2 videos/55 minutes
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One Light On Location Streaming Access

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